Friday, April 10, 2009


OK, I'm feeling a bit crabby tonight...a long week at work...TGIF, and all that. My "daily literary quote" on Google Home Page is from Norman Mailer. Here is what he says:

"Writing books is the closest men ever come to childbearing."

Give me a break. I think Carol Burnett's definition of a man giving birth is more apt. Paraphrasing:

"Imagine pushing a watermelon out of your butt".

Norman Mailer, all due respect to the dead...YOU DID NOT HAVE A CLUE.

My rant is now over.


  1. Thank you, mommy. Not that I actually birthed a child, as it was removed surgically, I did get to experience labor, contractions, all that "fun" stuff... I have also heard people parallel kidney stones as a male equivalent. I haven't had any (my husband has had several), but regardless... whether it be a book, a watermelon, or a calcium deposit, it's not tax deductible. Or cute.

  2. I love being able to say I gave birth to a child without any kind of medication/painkillers. Granted, I would've taken painkillers in a heartbeat...but that belittles my hardcore-ness! :) I don't think there is a male equivalent to giving birth... I don't know if they could handle it...well, maybe they could handle it...just not the breastfeeding bit. :) ps...what a great ploy for getting comments to your blog...the old 'I don't know if it's working' line! :) I'm onto you, Kay. :)