Tuesday, May 19, 2009


What a fiasco. My niece and her husband are very active in "Relay for Life", the American Cancer Society fundraiser. My sister is a cancer survivor, "non-Hodgkins lymphoma" diagnosed in 1991 and in complete remission. Her daughter is selfless in her devotion to helping others survive everyone's worst nightmare.

Here is the fiasco. Today my husband called me at work to say there was a purple toilet with flowers planted in the "pot" sitting in front of our house. There was a sign on the toilet explaining the three ways one could have the toilet removed, and they all had a price tag, starting at $10 plus two cell phone numbers. He did not actually look at the toilet from the front (where the words "Relay for Life" were very visible on the front of the tank). After he called me, he called the first number and left a message to the effect that the perpetrator had until 2 p.m. to remove the toilet or he would call the Sheriff and the local newspapers. You can guess the rest. He now knows who put the toilet in front of our house but he still is on his "high horse" and says it is "extortion".

I have contacted my niece and asked her where to send a check.

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