Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring Forward

So, we move the clocks forward one hour Saturday night, before sleep. Why? Does cutting an hour off at the beginning of a day and adding it at the tail end make for a longer day? No. I don't get it. I hear Arizona has opted out of changing the clock. Probably the only reason I can think of to move there...

Speaking of time...I have a bedside clock on order from LL Bean. It is a very cool, retro looking clock. When the "alarm" goes off, the whole clock gets "light", kind of like sunrise. If one does not respond to the "light", then it beeps. I love the concept. We'll see how I like it "real time".

More about time...I would like to create more structure into my daily life. I know it is pretty hard to teach an old dog new tricks, even if it is the old dog trying to teach itself. However, I do think that if I am ever going to write my version of the great American novel, I have to set aside time every day (except maybe one day a week for piddling) and WORK on it! A friend of mine warned me to beware of the distractions, and boy, was she right. I have it all in my mind, albeit kind of jumbled up, but it's there. Here are my new "daylight savings time" resolutions:

Make a list of research still undone and DO IT
Write every day (take the laptop out to the deck and make the most of the extra daylight, right?)
This is a biggie...decide once and for all whether I am writing a "story" or a "literary novel".
Research agents and process for publishing (thinking optimistically)

My favorite season is still autumn, when we get to turn the clocks "back" and hunker down inside by the fire. But, I admit, gaining appeal as I enter the third stage of life, are warmer days, twilight at 10 p.m., the surprise of a bat, that soft feeling of a summer night. So, I guess the welcome mat is out for daylight savings time.

Let us all "spring forward"!

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