Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

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  1. I Love your wordless Wednesday! Back to your post about Antwerp, Belgium. As you know, I went to Belgium many, many times and Antwerp (Antwerpen) was one of my all time favorite cities. I loved walking down the back alleys and popping out at a Pomme Frit stand, ordering the hot fries and eating them in a cone of paper with mayo....yum. I toured a cathedral there (don't remember the name) that was actually built on a foundation of cows skins from the 500's. In the church were magnificent paintings by Reubens.....oh to stand there and gaze on brilliance. The diamond district is very unassuming, but the red light district is over the top (smaller than Amsterdam) but too funny! I had one of the best pizza's sitting in a cafe drinking a wonderful glass of Belgian beer. Thanks for writing about Antwerp! Love - little sis Toni