Friday, March 20, 2009


Spring...spring season, springtide, springtime, seedtime, grass; vernal equinox. So says Ralph's thesaurus. By the way, thank you Deb for the Ralph Segal obit. Let's agree this is our Ralph, OK?, innocent, pure, ideal, ready, the time of coming into being, dawn, the beginning, a cutting, a slip, a sapling, the rising of the sea, a bound, a jump, a leap. Spring fever.

Spring...a promise.

Late snow is an insult to spring.

Other reflections on spring:

"Spring had really come.
The south opened like a mouth.
It blew one long breath, humid and warm,
and flowers quivered inside the seeds,
and the round earth began to ripen like a fruit."
Jean Giono, REGAIN

From "Provence: A Country Almanac" by Louisa Jones

"Colette, traveling south on the famous "Blue Train" from Paris, describes a Provencal spring:

We just passed Avignon and I might have thought, yesterday, after sleeping only two hours, that I had slept two months: Spring had come to meet me, a fairytale spring, the exuberant, brief, irresistible spring of the South, rich, fresh, with its spurts of sudden greenery, its grasses already high, which sway and ripple in the wind, its mauve Judas trees, its paulownias the color of gray periwinkles, its laburnums, wisteria, and roses...My head has been spinning since Avignon. The northern mists have melted over there, behind the cypress hedges bent by the force of the mistral. The silky murmur of tall reeds came through the open train window that day, along with the scent of honey, of pine, of varnished buds, of lilac about to bloom, that bitter smell of lilac before it flowers, a blend of turpentine and almond. The cherry trees cast violet shadows on the reddish earth, already parched with thirst." From Colette, THE VAGABOND

This blog has survived one season. Let's journey together into the next. Thank you to everyone who visits, and especially to everyone who comments. I LOVE comments.


  1. I LOVE your blog and I love being able to catch snippits of your thoughts. :)

  2. I'm impressed you wrote all of this at 6 in the morning! I too enjoy your blog!